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Welcome to “Ambrosia garden”. Enjoy unique moments in our environment.

According to Greek mythology, Ambrosia was the food of the 12 gods on mount Olympus.
In our days it still synonymous to excellent and refined nourishment.

The hospitable and familiar atmosphere, the beautiful surroundings, the excellent food, the variety of fine wines and the lush green garden will help you to relax and to enjoy peaceful moments in Ancient Olympia that will stay with you forever.

Our restaurant “Ambrosia Garden” is situated in an ideal environment where nature meets history and culture. In its pleasant surroundings you will enjoy delicious dishes taken from traditional recipes, all prepared with fresh ingredients that will surely take you to unique highs in culinary pleasure.

The restaurant “Ambrosia Garden” is located near the entrance of the new Archaeological Museum of Olympia. In the museum visitors can see some of the most important exhibits of the world including the famous Hermes of Praxitelis and the sculptural decoration of the Temple of ZeusAncient Olympia today attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. Characterised by the beauty of the landscape and the many attractions and archaeological findings, echoing the historical past and continuing to be an area of great importance -centre of global concern- as the birthplace of the Olympic Games and the Olympic ideal guardian.

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